Biblical Teaching on Various Topics


Acceptable Worship
Sermons on Worship from John Chapter 4.

Call to Clarity
Jesus call to his disciples for clarity about who He is, and why He has come, from Matthew 16.

School of Discipleship
Studies from the life of Peter.

The Bible, the Godhead and the Church
Studies on the Church’s attitude to and use of Scripture.

Words from the Cross
Jesus last words from the cross

Knowing Christ
As Eternal Son, Obedient Servant, Sufficient Saviour, Indwelling Lord and Coming King

Scripture in the Life and Teaching of Jesus
The Bible, it's nature and character and it's place in the life and teaching of Christ

The Doctrine of Salvation
3 sermons from Ephesians chapter 1, focusing on the work of the Trinity in Salvation

Gospel Doctrines
Sermons on some of the great Doctrines of Salvation

The Doctrine of the Church
Sermons on themes from the Doctrine of the Church, such as unity and authority in the Church

Sermons in this category

The Cross in the Experience of God the Father
Recent sermon preached by Eric Alexander on Good Friday, in his son in law's church, St Andrews West, Falkirk.